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Milling spindles, as the main spindle of tool machines, are responsible for machine cutting a workpiece.

Various tool interfaces are used to accommodate the milling tool, such as, for example, HSK (hollow shaft taper) or SK (quick-release taper).

Turning spindles are used for machine-cutting of workpieces. They can also be referred to as workpiece spindles, as the workpiece is clamped via the chuck of the lathe spindle. The rotating workpiece is machined by the tool attached to the driven machine axis.

A grinding spindle is one of the items that are often concerned about. As one of the important components of modern machine tools, there are many types of spindles, which can be divided into belt driven, gear driven, motor built-in, and direct driven, etc. according to the spindle driven mechanism.

Wood cutting spindle – orientation of the wood grain, relative to the axis of the lathe, affects the tools and techniques used by the woodturner. In spindle turning, the grain


Service is a matter of trust and responsibility!
As a spindle service/repair specialist and trusted service partner to many machine tool OEMs.

A reliable partner for your service needs expertise directly from the manufacturer, Access to original spare parts, Repairs within the original assembly process, On-site expert support


Parameter checks, Lubrication checks, Hydraulic and pneumatic connection checks, Mechanical checks (concentricity, drawing-in force), Oscillation checks

Express Repair

Initial check and disassembly with a diagnosis within 24 hours, Quote with a delivery date<br /> within 48 hours

Spare Parts Management

Original spare parts directly from KESSLER, Customer-oriented service solutions, Longer spindle service life due to original spare parts

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We have a dedicated team of well trained and experienced personnel handling all major functions. We have a stringent quality policy with dedicated personnel and calibrated measuring instruments to handle a wide variety of challenging and process critical components.