Our Services
  • Large replacement parts inventory in RHP Service Center.
  • Reduced processing times.
  • More than 200 repairs annually.
  • Constantly trained assembly personnel.
  • Optimized and proven repair procedures.
  • Explanatory report upon return, including indication of failure cause.
  • Systematic localisation and remedy of spindle failure.
  • Use of specially developed assembly and disassembly tools.
  • Reduction of repair times through stocked replacement parts.
  • Modification to state-of-art technical condition.
  • Multiple test runs and final inspection.
  • Warrantee for repaired spindle units.
  • On site service.

Service Portfolio

  • A reliable partner for your service needs
  • Access to original spare parts
  • Repairs within the original assembly process
  • On-site expert support
  • Parameter checks
  • Lubrication checks
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic connection checks
  • Mechanical checks (concentricity, drawing-in force)
  • Oscillation checks
Express repair in 5-10 days*
  • Initial check and disassembly with diagnosis within 24 hours
  • Quote with delivery date within 48 hours
Spare part management
  • Original spare parts directly from KESSLER
  • Customer-oriented service solutions
  • Longer spindle service life due to original spare parts